Thursday, February 3, 2011

Living Water

I think I've become the only person who posts on here... The curiously poetic Altoids has kind of died but I still like writing poetry and I wrote this for a Sunday School challenge they had.

Living Water

Another day, another chore, another empty bucket
I hear a distant splash as I let the pail plummet
Then heaving, yanking, pulling, tugging
Sweat dripping, hands burning
The bucket slowly reappears,
I take a sip, my weary heart cheers
Cool clear water, fresh and sweet
Is pure relief in the desert heat

Then I notice him staring at me
A Jewish man travelling to Gallilea
He ask if he too may have a drink
I simply don't know what to think.

"I'm a maid of Samaria, its plain to see.
How is it you ask this task of me?"

His eyes sparkle, his smile grows broad,
"If you knew the gift of God
And who I am, you would think
To ask of me for a drink.
I would have given thee living waters and then
You would never thirst again."

"How could you draw this living water?
You have no vessel, the well is deep.
Are you greater than Jacob, our father,
Who dug this well for his kin and sheep?"

You'll never thirst again,"
He spoke, "for those who drink this water that I bring"
Shall have a well spring up in him
Into life everlasting."

Dear friends, I bid thee, come and see
This man, this prophet, the Messiah He coule be.
My heart whispers to me its so
For all things he did truly know
And though my soul felt withered through
His words refreshed my spirit anew.

Lets cast away our water pots, lets test the living waters,
Discover for ourselves the truth of what he freely offers.

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Chris said...

I'm glad you're still posting. I was wondering if poetry club still happened, and actually missing it a lot. It is much harder to be inventive and inspired on my own.